XPO Marine Services will continuously grow its fleet to include the following;

- Anchor Handling Towing Ships – Vessels for Anchor handling and Towing of different sizes and bollard-pull.

- Platform Supply Vessel – platform supply vessels suitable for supply to offshore fields of all kinds of materials (sizes and weights).

- Crew Boats – range of crew boats varies from smaller capacity (passenger seats), high speed to bigger boats with accommodation facilities.

- Dynamic Positioning Vessels – DP vessels (which, thanks to their ability to maintain precise positioning on open sea are suitable for a variety of operations) for all kinds of offshore operations, ROV Base, Drilling Base, Pipeline installations and trenching.

- Accommodation Vessels – vessels to meet accommodation needs for workers, crew and any other personnel needed on the field, catering services can also be provided on request.

- Barges – barges of different sizes for work, accommodation and storage of different sizes and capacity.

- Tugs – Tugs of different sizes, bollard-Pulls and types for ports & offshore operations and fire-fighting duties.

- Inspection Maintenance & Repair (OIMR) Vessels – OIMR activities including Subsea inspection, repairs and maintenance, Subsea Installation/commissioning, drilling support & completion operations.